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Power Weapons

Tier 2 introduces Power Weapons for both Species. Power Weapons do not distract players as much as vehicles can, but they do present risks for Invaders. And Defenders' power weapons can sometimes be located near the Objectives, easily turning them into Secondary Objectives.

Tier 3 Power Weapons need to be matched to the vehicles. For example, the Plasma Launcher with the Falcon or Scoprion; the Laser with the Wraith. From there, the Tier 2 Power Weapons are often simply a subset of the same.

When an Invader takes up a Power Weapon, he risks taking it with him into the Defenders' strong hold and dropping it upon his death, where the Defenders can pick them up and use them against the Invaders. When an Invader sees a Power Weapon off his spawn, he has to decide what his strategy will be before he decides to pick up the Power Weapon, as there will usually be no easy way to drop it before approaching the Defenders' strong hold.

There should be no easy way to drop a Power Weapon on the way to a Defenders' strong hold, for such a means would imply a neutral weapon. And we stated in an earlier lesson that neutral weapons break cohesion with Invasion's campaign Game Play. It would be most effecient if the Invader could readily assess the battle field from the Power Weapon spawn to make an informed decision when deciding to pick up the Power Weapon.

In some cases, the Defenders' Power Weapons are located near the Objectives. In the case of Boneyard, they are numerous, very powerful, and colocated. They present a clear and obvious Secondary Objective for the Invaders to focus on prior to focusing their attention on the Primary Objective.


Power Weapons present risks for Invaders who intend to push into the Defenders' strong hold.

Tier 3 Power Weapons need to be matched to the enemy vehicles, while Tier 2 Power Weapons are usually just a subset of those.

Defenders' Power Weapons can become Secondary Objectives for the Invaders.