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Forward Positions

The Forward Position is any area that is significantly forward from the Invaders' Spawns that can be used as an ad-hoc staging area from which to make an offensive push. Invaders pushing the Objectives can fall back to the Forward Position for safety. The Forward Position can be designed to discourage Defenders from pursuing the Invaders lest they abandon and risk losing their Objective. Forward Positions offer a forward spawning zone through the use of Bro Spawning, a forward area in the battle field to recharge their shields in and re-evaluate the battle field conditions from, and a forward staging area from which to await reinforcements.

When a Forward Position is successfully controlled by the Invaders, it permits them to repeatedly push against an Objective time and again, without giving the Defenders an opportunity to recover their defensive posture. When the Defenders take back a Forward Position by killing both members of the Team that held it, then the Invading Team must start over again from their spawn, and the Defenders receive time to reorganize for the next offensive push.

Bro Spawning is a fundamental Game Element. It's value is found in its use close to the Objective where the Team can reassert its presence upon the Objective before the Defenders can reestablish their defensive posture. This makes the value of controlling the Forward Position proportional to the time saved not having to trek from the Initial Spawns back to the Forward Position. The amount of time is proportional to the distance, and to a degree the amount of cover, from the Initial Spawns.

For example, Breakpoint Bravo Invaders only travel two dozen steps from spawn to the last cliff before descending upon the Objective. Two dozen steps is not worth trying to protect yourself at the cliff edge to Bro Spawn your Battle Buddy for; more aggressive tactics can be used and the Battle Buddy can spawn back and walk with little loss of time - if any. On the other hand, Boneyard Alpha Invaders save 60 steps to the safety under the ship, making Bro Spawning anywhere from that point on of very great value.


The Forward Position is essentially an ad-hoc staging area near the Defenders' strong hold.

Controlling the Forward Position allows the Invader to maintain pressure upon the Defenders.

Bro Spawning is an essential Game Element that is best used in the Forward Position with value proportional to the distance and the lack of cover back to the Initial Spawns.