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Forging Forge Objects

Each Play List Map has Alpha Objectives to the left of Elites and to the right of Spartans, regardless of which Species is Defender. However, contrary to what the forger would expect, the Alpha Objective is always the last of the two Objectives to be forged for any given Tier. And the monikers Alpha Team and Bravo Teams are purely Game Play centric relative to the Objectives, and have no relationship to the forge objects' Spawn Sequence values.

When you think about forging the Alpha and Bravo Objectives (for Tier 1, for example), the only thing you need to consider is which Species are the Defenders? You will want your map to maintain the same paradigm as the Play List Maps so that people playing your map don't have to remember that yours is different. An easy way to remember the forging order is how Spartans read - left to right. Forge Bravo first on the Spartans' left side, then Alpha last on the Spartans' right side - left to right!

Tests indicate that given a collection of Respawn Zones for a given Fire Team (including all Fire Teams of the Species), the order that the Respawn Zones are forged is the same as the order that their spawn camera is accessed. For example, if you want Tier 3 Defenders' garage Respawn Zone camera to be the second camera that any Defender sees during respawn, then it must be the second Respawn Zone forged after each of the Defenders' Fire Team Respawn Zones are forged. (In conforming with the Play List, you do not want the garage to be the first Respawn Zone that they see.)

The Spawn Sequence for Respawn Zones determine which Fire Teams use those Respawn Zones. Fire Teams 1, 2, and 3 use Respawn Zones with Spawn Sequences 0, 1, and 2 respectively. Any other value allows any Fire Team to use the Respawn Zone.

It doesn't matter if Spawn Sequence 0 is used for Alpha Team, Bravo Team, or Middle Team. What does matter is that your map maintain a consistency across the map so that Alpha Team in Tier 1 remains Alpha Team in Tier 2 and Tier 3. To switch sides on the map interferes with the Game Play, causing players to abandon their current strategy and start entirely new ones. This problem is actually present in Spire today, and is akin to opening a new front at the start of Tier 2, a problem we talked about in an earlier lesson.

Finally, the Initial Spawn Hives in the Play List Maps have four Initial Spawn Points each. We were never told why, but evidence suggests that when one or two people quit a Game, that the Game Engine may elect to spawn all the players of that species as one Fire Team. For this reason, I speculate that Initial Spawn Points are necessary for the start of the next Round. There may be other reasons as well.


Alpha Objectives are to the left of Elites, Bravo to their right - make your map the same so people don't have to remember that it is different.

Bravo Objective is always forged before Alpha Objective - forge like Spartans read - from left to right.

Selection of Respawn Zone cameras follow the order they are forged.

The Spawn Sequence of the Respawn Zones does not directly relate to Alpha Objective or Bravo Objective, but you must keep them consistent so that the Fire Teams remain on the same side of the map through out the Game.

Include four Initial Spawn Points for each Initial Spawn Hive.