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Chapter 1: Geometry

In this chapter we begin with a discussion of forging Geometry. As you would expect, the topics will center around the brick and mortar of your map – the structural layout, paths, elevations, and such. I hope to take the discussion deeper into the understanding of the why behind the design concepts, and to offer a more fully comprehensive discussion across this subject matter.

I intend to go beyond saying, Remember to have at least three ways into a base. Instead I want to discuss the psychology behind a players’ response to the different ways you can forge a base and show you what you can expect if you have too few Paths leading into a base – and what you can expect if you have too many Paths leading into a base.

In this chapter I will also introduce you to some of the questions that you should be asking yourself along the way, and to maximize the overall fun factor and the value of simple Geometry that you forge into a map.

And this chapter will conclude with discussions on weapons, vehicles, anti-vehicular weapons, and heavy variants of big team battle maps.